Our story

HSO Contracting owner Hans Spatzeck-Olsen is a second generation carpenter who has always had a lively passion for art, design, and creation. From a young age, Hans would build anything from tree forts to toy trucks to underground tunnels. Hans’ role models were his father Soren, a foreman with Andersen Construction, and Soren’s co-workers, a handful of salty hardworking carpenters whose combined work experiences were north of a hundred years.

over 25 years

Attracted to the men’s fierce work ethic and free-spirited camaraderie and humor, it became Hans’ goal to work at Andersen Construction and by the beginning of high school, he was hired. For the next few years, he further developed his skills. More than 25 years later Hans will still run into these veteran builders at the lumber yard and feels a great appreciation and respect for them.

love of detail

HSO Contracting is made up of seasoned tradespeople with experience in construction as well as fine arts and design, including: sculpture, painting, photography, video production, CAD, 3D modeling, graphic design, and more!

HSO brings a love of detail, skill in problem-solving and planning and an artistic sensibility to the vision and execution of every job. They hope your project becomes part of the story.

Houzz Homeowner Review

“They are extremely professional and very helpful with great ideas. HSO does quality work on time and within budget. They are neat and conscientious and, by far, the best contractor I have ever worked with.”