Eastham Screened-In Porch

Houzz Review

“I have owned my home for 22 years. I’ve designed and built my home on my own. I’ve had experiences with different contractors for new additions, regular and major house repairs. I have never had a contractor like Hans and his company!!! They were on time every day. Everything was done to the agreed contract. And yes, there was a printed contract signed between us detailing all work that would be done – roofing, painting, gutters, extend outdoor shower, and take down the old deck and make it into a screened in porch with a small sun porch. All the people working for him, including the sub-contractors were courteous and most of all cleaned up after themselves. No on smoked or spit on my property. When the job was completely finished the clean up was done and they placed whatever furnishings I had outdoors where I wanted them to put it. I didn’t have to get anyone else to come in and help. I am very impressed with this contractor and have decided I will use no one else in my future endeavors. There is no one here on the Cape that I would go to or trust anymore. Oh in addition with past contractors, I had been robbed and my shed walls were never nailed into the studs. I needed to hire another carpenter to finish the job. It sounds like I am bragging about Hans and his company and you need to know I am. I’ve been waiting 22 years for a good contractor from the get go and I finally met one!!!! YEAH for me!!!!”

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